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Cute hashtag sees museums and archives sharing their best vintage animal photos

Galleries, libraries, archives and museums are all joining in the adorable Archives Hashtag Party.


Person taking photos of deer

Person taking photos of deer

Person taking photos of deer

Social media’s Archives Hashtag Party has seen galleries, libraries, archives and museums share their best vintage animal photos, and some of them are adorable.

Started by the US National Archives in August 2017, the Hashtag Party encourages archives to share their old photos under different themes.

The online event takes place every month, with the latest theme celebrating archived animal photos. Previous themes have included “squad goals”, “awesome women”, and “black history”.

The Archives Hashtag Party said: “Archives are amazing and we really should get together more! Let’s fly our nerd flags together and show off some of the cool stuff that we take care of and provide access to.”

Here are 10 of the best vintage photos that prove animals are just as cute throughout history.

1. This important cat joined the party.

2. A dog and a koala became unlikely friends.

3. This vintage dog looks incredibly happy.

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4. This tortoise photo is from 1979.

5. Photogenic Fala is stealing the show.

6. This adorable guilty puppy is featured in the party.

7. Herman the pig had a photo.

8. This dog took her pet cow for a walk.

9. These baby black-footed ferrets came back from the brink of extinction.

10. These tiny cows are the cutest thing you’ll see all day.

Look out for the next Archives Hashtag Party on Friday June 1.

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