Wednesday 18 September 2019

‘Crying Nintendo kid’ from 1988 gives an object lesson in how to receive the perfect present

Just in time for Christmas.

Excited boy plays with the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1988
Excited boy plays with the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1988

By Kameron Virk

A good present, no matter how big or small, tends to stick in the memory.

For Steve Bassoli, whose 1988 Nintendo unwrapping video went viral, the NES was neither his first console nor his favourite – but you’d never guess that from this home footage.

Let “crying Nintendo kid” show you how presents should be received.

That’s how you react to a present – complete with Steve actually running to his room to gather all the money he had to give his parents.

The 36-year-old was seven in 1988, but all these years later has still held on to the Nintendo seen in the video.

“I have all the old retro game systems hooked up in my basement game room to a big CRT I found on the side of the road,” Steve, a software engineer, said.

Steve a few years later with the N64 (Bassoli family)

Despite still being a huge Nintendo fan – his favourite games on the NES were Dragon Warrior or Super Mario 3, while the SNES is his favourite console – Steve doesn’t have Nintendo’s latest must-have console, the Switch.

“I have two little girls that a lot of my previously disposable income goes to,” he said.

The Connecticut resident posted the video to Reddit with the caption “I present to you my greatest shame”, leading another redditor to share their own throwback video – this one from a few decades later.

For those who just need to know, Steve’s brother Kyle, who was completely uninterested in the video, did eventually get into gaming in college – and there is still potential for Steve’s kids to post a throwback video of their own in years to come.

He said: “We always film our Christmases. Still, our oldest is still too young to get that excited about anything other than a Trolls movie.”

It’s not quite the Ghostbusters witnessed in Steve’s video, but one day the Trolls movie will seem just as old – if potentially not as classic.

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