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Cristiano Ronaldo has had an airport named after him but people can't stop laughing at this statue


Cue the Art Attack comparisons.

There can be few bigger honours than having the airport in your home town named after you – so no doubt Cristiano Ronaldo is delighted that Madeira Airport in Funchal is taking his name.

We’re not sure whether or not he’ll be quite so happy with the bronze head that has been erected to mark the occasion, though.

It was unveiled today in a ceremony at the island airport – now named Aeroporto Cristiano Ronaldo – as the Real Madrid man himself looked on.

Portugal’s president and the prime minister also flew to the island for the ceremony, but we’re gonna go out on a limb and say the likeness of the statue is not entirely flattering.

In fact, the head has been likened to a character from a certain children’s art show…

A lot.

In fairness, one person thought there was an uncanny likeness – but then, it looks like they may have some knowledge of Photoshop.

Thought that was scary? Wait until you see the next one…


Ronaldo should take heart though, it’s not the first time a footballing legend’s statue has had the comparison.

Poor Alan Shearer – it’s uncanny.

Ronaldo has had it rough when it comes to statues though…

The ceremony at Madeira’s airport was attended by hundreds of fans, where the 32-year-old is a local hero and already has a statue – as seen above – museum and hotel named after him.

Some didn’t agree with the name change of the airport and Ronaldo acknowledged their protests saying it is rare for public figures to be acknowledged while still alive.

“You know how proud I am of my roots, my homeland,” the Real Madrid forward said.

Portugal’s loss in a friendly to Sweden on Tuesday night saw the four-time world player of the year make a record 138th appearance for his country and score his 71st goal – putting him in the top 10 scorers of international history.

With the forward helping to deliver a surprise European Championships trophy last year for the country – it’s not hard to understand why Portugal want to celebrate their national superstar.

Seriously, that statue though…

It genuinely looks like Prime Minister Antonio Costa is laughing at it.

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