Sunday 25 February 2018

Could you survive an alien invasion? 8 ways to stay alive if disaster strikes


Mark Molloy

The aliens have landed, our new intergalactic overlords have taken control and panic has gripped the planet, so, what on Earth happens next?

Apocalyptic and hostile alien invasion scenarios have been widely explored by Hollywood film producers, but what would happen if the Little Green Men really did arrive?

UFO enthusiasts and survival experts headed to an Area 51-style location, also known as Portsmouth, for an ‘alien landing’ experience in a darkened labyrinth of disused underground tunnels where the D-Day landings during World War Two were planned.

Malcolm Robinson, a founding member of Strange Phenomena Investigations (SPI), which has carried out UFO and paranormal research for over 35 years, believes mankind can’t rule out the possibility of an alien invasion.

“These small grey creatures, that are roughly three-and-a-half to four foot tall, have a pear-shaped head and black eyes. These have been seen across the planet…” Mr Robinson, who believes 95 per cent of all UFO sightings can be rationally explained, tells those gathered in the imagined Earth Space Defence HQ.

He believes extra-terrestrial films such as Independence Day: Resurgence have planted the idea that aliens may want to destroy the human race, adding that our attempts to contact other planets could entice them towards Earth.

“We cannot rule out in the bounds of possibility that in deep space somebody is listening to us, that somebody has got their eye on us. We may laugh, we may joke, but that is a possibility.

“Planet Earth is only a tiny grain of sand on a huge cosmic beach; it’s absolutely incomprehensible to think that we stand alone in the vastness of the space.

“We are looking at something real. There is evidence that there is something clearly in the skies of this planet. The possibilities are there, it could happen.”

Do you believe in aliens?

Undated handout photo issued by Harvard University of an artist's impression of an Earth-like planet orbiting a star near the end of its life, surrounded by a shell of expanding gas as it is announced that the prospect of some form of alien life is much closer than previously imagined

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