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Commuters turn to skis as Manchester is blanketed in snow

‘He was getting further than the traffic so I’d say he was pretty successful.’

With snow falling across the UK, at least two people from Manchester took the weather warnings as seriously as possible, setting out on skis for their morning travel.

Footage of a man making his way down a road in Didsbury by ski was shared widely on social media.

University of Manchester student Gabrielle Sanderson, 20, filmed the skier and said: “There were quite a few people stuck at the bus stop since the traffic was blocked up.

“He was getting further than the traffic so I’d say he was pretty successful.”

Others on Twitter appeared to appreciate the man’s gear too, with user @Jaycee81161715 commenting: “I needed them this morning.”

Photos posted later appeared to show another skier, dressed in a bright orange jacket, joining the man.

The Met Office has warned Britain is bracing for the coldest night of the winter so far, with “significant snowfall” likely to cause further travel delays and school closures.

Temperatures of minus 10C (14F) are possible in parts of the country in the early hours of Thursday, with this winter’s record of minus 10.8C (12.6F) expected to be broken.

Manchester and Liverpool airports were at a standstill on Wednesday morning and several schools in the cities closed their doors due to the harsh conditions.

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