Sunday 21 January 2018

Clarks more likely to crash: survey

Drivers named Clark and Allen are more likely to crash, a survey claims
Drivers named Clark and Allen are more likely to crash, a survey claims

Motorists should steer clear of drivers named Clark, according to a survey of accident claims.

Looking at frequency of crashes among those with popular surnames, the poll revealed that drivers named Clark made the most claims.

The next most accident-prone names were Allen and Lewis, the survey by insurance company found.

Drivers named Green, Watson, Stewart and Jackson also featured high in the accident-claim list, while the drivers least likely to have an accident were called Roberts, Hall and Davies.

Clarks were seen to be 10% more likely than the average driver to have claimed for an accident, while those called Roberts were 15% less likely. managing director Brian Martin said: "Although the survey is a bit of fun, there are obvious differences in the accident rates of some surnames compared with others.

"However, we all know not every Clark is going to be a risky driver, and not every Roberts is going to be a particularly safe driver and it's definitely not something we rate our policies on."

The 10 most accident-prone surnames were: 1. Clark, 2. Allen, 3. Lewis, 4. Green, 5. Watson, 6. Stewart, 7. Jackson, 8. Baker, 9. Cooper, 10.Mitchell

The 10 least accident-prone surnames were: 1. Roberts, 2. Hall, 3. Davies, 4. Hill, 5. Wood, 6. Hughes, 7. Bell, 8. Jones, 9. Young, 10.Turner

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