Thursday 26 April 2018

Cheshire village warns cyclists about 'unacceptable behaviour'

A Cheshire village has complained of cyclists swearing and urinating on the streets of their
A Cheshire village has complained of cyclists swearing and urinating on the streets of their "picturesque village"

A Cheshire village has complained of cyclists swearing and urinating on the streets of their "picturesque village" as they pass through on their bikes.

In a stern letter issued to numerous cycling clubs around Cheshire, members were told that their conduct whilst in Great Budworth was deemed "unacceptable" and that they ought to be reminded what should be considered "acceptable behaviour".

In the letter, clerk of Great Budworth Parish Council Caroline Marshall set out the council's grievances - which included riders travelling through the village at a "dangerous speed" and shouting and using offensive language.

Around 10 clubs are said to have been contacted by the clerk with the warning.

The Northwich Guardian reports that the letter said: "Frequently cyclists come through Great Budworth at a dangerous speed (often in group formations) that are dangerous to both other road users and pedestrians.

"Whilst we appreciate that riders enjoy travelling through such a picturesque village as ours, we would like to ask them to be more considerate of the residents who live there. Repeatedly cyclists are overheard using offensive language and generally shouting as they travel through."

It added that there had also been reports of cyclists "urinating in the street, and within both our Upper and Lower Pump houses, historical landmarks in the village".

The letter continued: "We consider all of this conduct unacceptable and urge you strongly to remind your members about what should be considered acceptable behaviour."

One cyclist club member who wished to remain anonymous said: "It's just been blown out of all proportion."

On Twitter, John Milburn said: "Let's demonstrate against these moaners #greatbudworth."

Two cycle clubs felt obliged to respond to the letter from Great Budworth Parish Council stating that their club members, "go to great lengths to uphold the highest standards of respect for each other, the public and the environment".

Representatives from North Cheshire Clarion and Weaver Valley CC, in their joint penned response, said that they had found it "highly unlikely" that any of their members would have behaved in the inappropriate manner that had been alluded to.

The letter said: "Both North Cheshire Clarion and Weaver Valley Cycling Club are responsible and well organised communities of Cheshire cyclists who love riding the beautiful lanes of our county, and we would like to reassure the villagers of Great Budworth that we take our responsibilities, the safety of ourselves and others, together with the behaviour of our members very seriously, adhering to the Highway Code and the respective rules of our clubs."

They added that in the absence of any evidence, they did not feel it was appropriate to issue a reminder to members.

The letter ended: "In closing we would suggest that the incidents to which you refer will undoubtedly relate to a tiny minority of individuals out of the many cyclists who pass through Great Budworth each week and most likely they do not belong to a well organised, official club such such as North Cheshire Clarion or Weaver Valley Cycling Club; nor indeed to any of the other clubs copied into your specific and understandable complaint regarding such unacceptable behaviour."

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