Sunday 22 July 2018

Cheesy but 'true richness' isn't about money, survey claims

Dr David Lewis was commissioned by Anchor Cheddar to find the formula for true richness (Anchor Cheddar/PA)
Dr David Lewis was commissioned by Anchor Cheddar to find the formula for true richness (Anchor Cheddar/PA)

It sounds cheesy enough - the makers of a brand of cheddar claim to have measured "true richness" in people's lives.

Scientists were asked by Anchor Cheddar to come up with the formula, which is said to reflect a concept "integral" to its brand values.

And, surprise, surprise, the findings showed that money cannot buy happiness and fulfilment.

Applying the results of a survey of 2,000 people revealed that those earning less than £35,000 a year were higher up the "richness scale" than earners with £200,000 salaries.

Fishermen and foresters - but notably not dairy farmers - were said to lead richer lives than business and finance workers.

Anchor big cheese and senior brand manager Lucie Illingworth said: "We developed this formula to find out once and for all what the good stuff in life is.

"We wanted to challenge how people view 'richness' as it is so integral to our brand values, given the unique, rich taste of our products."

People with "rich" lives included those over the age of 65 and residents of Wales, the South East and Yorkshire, as well as married couples with two children, and earners with an income of between £20,000 and £34,999.

Low on the richness scale were 35 to 44-year-olds, singletons, bankers, those earning between £150,000 and £199,000, and London residents.

Psychologist and author Dr David Lewis, who was commissioned by Anchor Cheddar, said: "We used quadratic mathematical modelling to find the 'formula for true richness', or in other words, what combination of attitudes towards life is found in the happiest people. During the interviews, 59% of people said the best things in life are free, citing their families and happy memories as their most treasured possessions."

The formula variables are as follows:

:: P = Attitude towards planning

:: C = Attitude towards confrontation

:: S = Attitude towards success

:: K = Attitude towards perfection

:: M = Attitude towards money

:: F = Attitude towards family

:: L = Attitude towards leisure time

:: Z = Attitude towards materialism

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