Saturday 24 February 2018

Chain removed from puppy's stomach

An x-ray showing the lead that Buster the Staffordhsire Bull terrier puppy ate
An x-ray showing the lead that Buster the Staffordhsire Bull terrier puppy ate
PDSA vet nurse Steph Williams showing Buster the Staffordhsire Bull terrier puppy his x-ray after the puppy ate his lead

Buster the Staffordshire Bull terrier puppy needed emergency surgery after swallowing a two-foot long metal lead, his owners have said.

The playful nine-month-old ate his chain after grabbing it while Des Connor was on the phone.

Buster's owner Jackie Stephenson, 38, from Middlesbrough said: "I was in bed ill at the time, when my partner Des came running upstairs and told me that Buster had swallowed his lead - a metal chain measuring over two feet long."

Mr Connor had seen the puppy grab the lead but by the time he had caught up with Buster, the chain had slipped down the dog's throat.

Ms Stephenson said: "At first I didn't believe it, I ran around turning the house upside down looking for the chain.

"I didn't think there was any way that he could do that. Plus he's always been such a good puppy and never tried to eat anything before."

Although Buster showed no sign of ill-health, she took him to her local PDSA PetAid hospital in Acklam Road for a check-up.

Vet Mary Tonge, said: "We examined Buster's stomach and couldn't feel anything unusual; it wasn't until we x-rayed him that we saw the true picture.

"He must have swallowed the chain in one go, it was just lying in his stomach and luckily it hadn't passed into his intestines - that would have been extremely painful and potentially deadly."

He had an operation to remove the lead and he was soon back to full health.

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