Friday 19 January 2018

Celebs star in pancake portraits

An artist is creating celebrity portraits with pancakes
An artist is creating celebrity portraits with pancakes

Britain's smiliest celebrities are being immortalised as pancakes.

To mark Pancake Day artist Nathan Shields, of Saipancakes, is creating "pan-portraits" of famous faces such as Holly Willoughby.

She took the crown as Britain's ultimate smile icon with over a third of the votes (36%) in the poll conducted by Lyle's Golden Syrup to uncover the most famous celebrity smiles .

Julia Roberts and the Duchess of Cambridge also feature in the pancake hall of fame with an equal 32% of the votes, followed by Cheryl Cole who was voted fourth (25%).

Mr Shields work also depicts the faces of celebrities the public wishes would flash a smile more often.

Victoria Beckham came top of that list with 48%, while husband David was voted number nine on the smiliest celebs list (12%).

The survey found Brits would also like to see business magnate Alan Sugar, the Victor Meldew character and comedian Jack Dee with a smile on their faces.

Mr Shields, a former maths teacher, first began entertaining his children with creative pancakes while living in Saipan.

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