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Celebrities reminisce with the #10YearChallenge

Some posts have collected hundreds of thousands of likes.


Ellen DeGeneres (David Jensen/PA)

Ellen DeGeneres (David Jensen/PA)

Ellen DeGeneres (David Jensen/PA)

Celebrities are using social media to reflect on the last decade in the latest online challenge.

A number of famous faces have been joining in with the #10YearChallenge trend, posting photos from 2009 and 2019.

American talk show host Ellen deGeneres has collected almost two million likes on her side-by-side comparison.

Actor Kevin Hart said that the challenge told him he has an “old man’s face”.

Hollywood actress Jessica Biel said she missed her old blonde hairstyles when she reflected on how she had changed in the last decade.

Oscar winner Viola Davis also shared her decade-apart snaps with her followers.

Actress Kate Hudson pointed out her much shorter hairstyle in her contribution to the trend.

Hunger Games star Elizabeth Banks took a look back even further, posting photos that were 11 years apart and declaring “blondes do have more fun”.

Reese Witherspoon reflected on the last decade with almost identical red carpet snaps.

Actress Isla Fisher made note of how her life has changed in the last 10 years, pointing out that she was “diaper-free” in 2009.

BBC presenter Reggie Yates has hardly changed his camera poses in the last decade.

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