Sunday 25 August 2019

#CatGlowUp: Twitter users share photos of cat transformations

People shared pictures of their cats when they first brought them home, and pictures of them right now.

(Lucy D. @NomTheBurritos)
(Lucy D. @NomTheBurritos)

By Megan Baynes, PA

Twitter was flooded with cat pictures on Friday as owners began sharing photos of their cat glow ups.

Responding to a prompt from Elle Maruska, users shared pictures of their cats when they first brought them home compared to them right now, using the hashtag #CatGlowUp.

Meg Metcalf shared a photo of Morchella who she found abandoned in the woods seven years ago.

She told PA: “She has been sleeping on my pillow every night since I brought her home from the woods. She truly is my best friend in the world.”

Melanie shared a photo of her cat, Owen Wilson.

She said: “Rescued this lil guy 2 weeks ago yesterday. After a trip to the vet, twice daily antibiotics, good food, and constant care, he’s proving to be quite the maniac and we love him.”

Lucy shared a picture of her Norwegian Forest cat, Odin, and said: “Three years later, he finally grew into his ears.”

Other Twitter users were quick to show off their own cat’s transformations.

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