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Cards Against Humanity is sending a senator potatoes


One way to get your point across!

The makers of Cards Against humanity are letting their feelings for Winsconsin senator Ron Johnson clear – by sending him potatoes.

The grassroots movement in the US has been getting organised, and hundreds of people are showing up to town halls to air their grievances to their senators and congresspeople.

As these meetings get more fractious, Senator for Wisconsin Ron Johnson has decided not to hold a town hall, opting for a telephone version instead, where constituents can leave messages.

Two town halls have been held with an empty chair symbolising his absence, but the people behind Cards Against Humanity are taking it one step further.

They are sending the Senator potatoes.

It looks like the first potato was sent on Wednesday, with a promise to double the number each day.

This isn’t the first time the makers of the notorious card game have got political.

The fact that Senator Johnson’s twitter bio says #TeamRonJon is enough to make us giggle, but it’s even funnier when we think of him receiving potatoes every day!

Well that’s one way to get your point across. We hope Johnson has a few potato recipes up his sleeve!

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