Saturday 18 November 2017

Car firms roll out April Fools

Volkswagen's April Fools' Day contribution is the Caddy Maxi Mini variant of its popular van
Volkswagen's April Fools' Day contribution is the Caddy Maxi Mini variant of its popular van

Have you been caught out yet? Today's date brings out the joker in everyone and car manufacturers are just as guilty of pulling your leg as the next firm.

Cynics would believe that April Fools' Day is just another opportunity for companies to shine the light of publicity on themselves.

And they'd be right, but for one day in the year it's less sales push and more harmless fun.

Still feeling a bit flabby after your New Year's resolutions have fallen flat? Don't worry, as Nissan has the answer in the shape of a 'Gym' mode for its X-Trail and Qashqai crossover models.

It'll even track your fitness on the car's inbuilt display. Although the name of Nissan's director of Customer Welfare - Dr P Taka - should set alarm bells ringing.

Volkswagen's contribution might be small but it should please van drivers. The firm's Caddy Maxi Mini is a new variant of its popular van.

Thanks to its ultra compact dimensions, VW is promoting ultra-low running costs, a tight turning circle and the promise of easy parking.

Along with numerous plays on today's date to illustrate the van's size, VW provides a quote from a certain Dr Avin A'laf. Proof, if needed, that a sense of humour is alive and well at VW HQ.

Staying with the van theme, homegrown firm Vauxhall has also jumped on the April Fool's bandwagon - or should that be taxi?

The firm is now offering - honest - a version of its Vivaro van converted into a 'Taxi Kebabi' offering anyone who's had a few too many the ultimate in post-pub food: kebabs.

Thanks to Vauxhall's ingenuity everything you need is onboard.

Still, for all Vauxhall's creative enthusiasm, it has let the side down with the name of its fictional spokesperson: April Fulls. Must try harder. Or is that har-har harder?

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