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Can you work out why this mouse looks so happy?


You know you want to find out.

A trip to the doctors isn’t often an indulgent affair – but for one lucky little rodent it most certainly was.

Twitter user @funcoolmami took her mouse Pupusa for a check up, and said when her little friend had to have ultrasound gel blow-dried off her “she was in heaven”. Take a look.

Clearly life has no purer meaning for a cute little rodent than a warm, goo-free body.

Naturally the picture has gone viral – notching up almost 15,000 retweets and more than 37,000 likes. It’s also had a few edits, of course.

Oh, and in case you were worried about the health of little Pupusa – don’t you worry.

Her owner has been posting pictures since her lavish check-up, and she’s doing just fine.

Now, where can we buy a human-sized one of those hair-driers..?

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