Tuesday 20 February 2018

Can you work out why Jeremy Corbyn is being compared with Arsene Wenger?

By Edward Dracott

Robert Peston’s TV show has sparked a bit of a debate.

If you were watching Peston On Sunday this morning, you may have noticed Robert Peston draw a parallel between Jeremy Corbyn – who was on the show – and Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger.

An Arsenal fan, Corbyn was likened with the man under pressure in the Gunners’ dugout for a few reasons. These included their age, 67, being the same, a refusal to leave their post and “unhappy squads”.

Peston tried to put the idea to Corbyn, even asking whether he would make a better Arsenal manager than Labour leader.

The Labour leader’s replies varied from the tongue-in-cheek…

…to honest appreciation…

…to what is probably just the truth.

Now clearly, the segment was a bit of fun for the TV – and good luck to Peston and his team for trying it.

However, not everyone was that impressed with the comparison.

Viewers thought Corbyn reacted to it pretty well, though.

It’s not the first time Corbyn has been compared with Wenger though – in fact it’s a bit of a recurring theme…

To conclude then, it seems unless Corbyn or Wenger leave their posts – or the pressure on them eases – these comparisons will continue.

Perhaps the two should take heart from that though, after all – they’re in it together.

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