Saturday 17 March 2018

Brits 'generous with holiday tips'

Britons are generous with tips on holiday, a survey shows
Britons are generous with tips on holiday, a survey shows

Britons regard themselves as being mean with tips when on holiday despite, in fact, being generous with their gratuities, a survey shows.

The recent recession stopped only 2% of Britons from tipping, with only 32% cutting back on the amount they tip, the poll by TripAdvisor found.

As many as 30% of Britons tip hotel staff even at the start of their stay, while 18% tip hairdressers while on holiday and 39% give taxi drivers 10% of the fare.

Yet Britons voted for themselves as the meanest tippers on holiday, with the French and the Spanish also considering their fellow countrymen the worst tippers. The Italians, though, cited the Irish as being the meanest tippers while on holiday.

The poll of 2,400 European travellers showed that 74% of Britons do not research tipping etiquette of the country they are visiting, while 46% tip the same wherever they are. Just 3% of Britons tip waiters 20% of their meal bill.

Italians are the most flirty tippers, with 33% admitting they have tipped someone they fancied, compared with just 8% of Britons who confessed to this. And 15% of Britons have actually been confronted by staff for not leaving a tip, with 37% admitting the American tipping culture puts them off visiting the USA.

Kindness of staff is rated the most important thing for Britons when considering tipping hotel employees, beating even the cleanliness of rooms.

TripAdvisor spokeswoman Emma Boyle said: "This research shows that British travellers, despite a lack of planning by many, are a generous bunch when it comes to holiday tipping.

"Brits typically hate to cause a scene, so always investigate local customs before you leave to avoid any embarrassing tipping situations."

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