Friday 24 November 2017

Britons want to soar like Superman

Over a quarter of people asked in a survey would like Superman's power of flight
Over a quarter of people asked in a survey would like Superman's power of flight

Forget clinging to buildings and X-ray vision - flying is the superpower of choice for Britons.

More than a quarter of people would want to soar like Superman, according to a poll for SFX magazine.

The top 10 superpowers according to the survey were: flight 26%; immortality 19%; invisibility 15%; mind-reading 12%; super speed 9%; controlling the weather 6%; super strength 5%; lactokinesis 4%; magical weapon 2%, and adamantium claws 1.8%.

Immortality was the next most popular power in the poll, held to mark the release of three superhero blockbusters this summer. Captain America: The First Avenger, Green Lantern and Thor are among the draws at the box office over the coming months.

SFX editor-in-chief Dave Bradley said: "Flying may be an old favourite, but just think - you'd never have to get the bus again."

The poll of almost 2,000 people saw 4% opting for "lactokinesis" - exerting mind control over milk, as seen in Channel 4's Misfits.

University of Bath psychology fellow Ian Fairholm said: "At a deep level, flying is associated with feelings of freedom. Freud might have linked it to the weightlessness experienced in the womb - he said that once we leave the womb it's pretty much all downhill from there, so the desire to fly might go back to that.

"Or maybe it's just because it would be cool."

The poll is in the new edition of SFX.

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