Monday 19 March 2018

British 'take eight pairs of pants on holiday'

Many British holidaymakers take home comforts like tea bags with them abroad, a survey found
Many British holidaymakers take home comforts like tea bags with them abroad, a survey found

The average Briton heading off on a week's holiday has six pairs of socks, seven T-shirts, four pairs of shorts, two pairs of sandals, two towels and eight pairs of underpants stuffed in their suitcase, a survey has found.

Britons also typically pack two swimsuits, two bottles of sun cream, two pairs of trainers or shoes, one jumper, a pair of sunglasses and a hat, Nationwide FlexPlus found.

Many also like to have their home comforts on their trip, with around one in 10 (9%) taking tea bags with them to their destination.

On average, holidaymakers spend £40 a day while they are on their trip and nearly three in 10 (29%) say they do not worry about how much they are forking out when they are away.

The research also found Britons spend around £140 typically before they even board the plane - splashing out around £100 on holiday clothes and toiletries and £40 at the airport.

Those surveyed said they spend 10% of their annual salary on their holidays on average.

City breaks and beach hotel holidays are the most popular types for Britons, the research found.

More than one third (35%) said their preferred trip would be an all-inclusive package holiday deal, while 19% would prefer an adventure holiday, 16% would favour a cruise and 13% would prefer to go caravanning or camping.

As well as their main annual getaway, short trips to recuperate from the daily grind were also found to be popular, with Britons taking four short breaks of less than three days away per year on average.

When it comes to planning their packing for their trip, women start around six days in advance on average, while men start four days beforehand, the research suggests.

Holidaymakers in Liverpool and Newcastle were the most likely to plan their packing well in advance, starting six days before their holiday on average.

Those in Brighton were the most likely to leave their packing until just a few days before they went away, starting three days before their holiday typically.

Around two-thirds (65%) of people said they had been on a big, multi-generation family holiday before, taking children, grandparents, aunties and uncles abroad.

People in London and the North East of England were the most likely to take a multi-generation holiday while those in the East of England, the North West and Wales were the least likely.

Holidaymakers in Newcastle were the most likely to be planning a multi-generation holiday in the next 12 months, while those in Edinburgh were the least likely to be planning to do so, the research among more than 2,000 holidaymakers from across the UK found.

Nearly three-quarters (71%) of those surveyed think multi-generation holidays give parents an opportunity to relax more as grandparents can keep watch on the children.

And despite people tending to pack sun cream, more than two-thirds (68%) say they end up getting sunburn when they go away.

Dan King, Nationwide's head of FlexPlus, said: "The classic British summer holiday has been the staple diet for well over a century and continues to be extremely popular. It's important that we jump off the hamster wheel to enjoy one or two weeks each year where we can relax and switch off."

Here is what the average Briton's suitcase contains on a seven-day holiday according to research for Nationwide FlexPlus accounts:

:: Six pairs of socks

:: Seven T-shirts

:: Four pairs of shorts

:: Two swimsuits

:: Eight pairs of underwear

:: Two pairs sandals

:: Two towels

:: Two bottles of sun cream

:: One pair of sunglasses

:: One hat

:: Two pairs of trainers or shoes

:: One jumper

:: One bottle of insect repellent

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