Friday 27 April 2018

Britain 'nation of wine bluffers'

A study reveals Britons pretend to know more about wine than they really do
A study reveals Britons pretend to know more about wine than they really do

Britain is a nation of wine bluffers, research published reveals.

Despite knocking back millions of litres annually, most wine drinkers know few vino facts despite often pretending to be expert.

Two thousand wine lovers took part in a survey exploring their wine knowledge and what they found confusing about the subject.

The results revealed a range of insights - including the majority of respondents picking the second wine listed on a restaurant menu and interpreting the advice from a sommelier like a foreign language.

The research was commissioned to mark the launch of WINEfindr, a pocket sommelier and the world's first visual search iPhone application.

A majority 62% of participants believed they knew a lot about wine but got basic facts wrong.

The one question answered incorrectly the most (87%) was that Champagne can only be made from white grapes, when it is in fact also made from red.

Nearly 70% did not know the difference between a Sauvignon Blanc and a Sancerre, even though it is made from the same grape, and 60% believed all wine enhances with age. Not all wine does - the majority of wines are produced ready to drink with little potential for ageing. Only a rare few last longer than a decade.

While 39% said they have no method to choosing wine in a restaurant, 66% either ignore or bluff their way through a sommelier's advice and pretend to understand their consultation.

Thirty per cent do not trust a sommelier's opinion but conversely, 84% feel they are being ripped off with their wine selection in restaurants. The research also reveals that the average price diners spend on wine in a restaurant is £12.64, and 25% just choose the cheapest on the list. A third of people spend between £9 and £12 and 30% spend between £13 and £17.

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