Thursday 22 March 2018

Bride-to-be, 91, wants 'nice dress'

A couple will have a combined age of 194 when they get married in June
A couple will have a combined age of 194 when they get married in June

A woman who is set to become one of the world's oldest newly-weds when she marries her 103-year-old partner is on the lookout for "just a nice dress" to wear on the big day.

Doreen Luckie, 91, will marry her partner George Kirby - who is now 102 but will celebrate his birthday on the couple's wedding day on June 13 - at the hotel where they live in Eastbourne, East Sussex.

The couple will have a combined age of 194 when they tie the knot after 27 years together.

Ms Luckie said she does not plan to wear anything "too glamorous" and added that she will not be buying a hat.

"I'm quite short, so it's very difficult buying things for short people. So I'll just have to look around and see what there is ... just a nice dress, not a long dress I don't think, nothing too glamorous, just quite plain and simple. That's me really," she said.

The bride-to-be is considering a "little head piece", adding: "I never wear hats."

Ms Luckie said she was not really surprised when Mr Kirby popped the question on Valentine's Day this year.

"We've been together a long time, so it's just one of those things isn't it? You get used to people," she said.

Asked what she loved most about her future husband, she said: "We've always got on well together. We do the same sort of things, we like the same sort of things.

"We like to listen to the same sort of music. We both used to like gardening, but of course he can't do that any more. Well, I can't now I'm in the hotel. I used to when I had the garden.

"We like classical music ... easy to listen to music. That's the sort of thing we like. I can't say that I like modern pop music."

She said Mr Kirby is "quite happy" about their upcoming marriage.

"He doesn't say a lot about it really. It's just another thing in life. I think when you get to that age you just take it as it comes," she said.

Ms Luckie said she is "quite calm" about their wedding day, adding: "It'll be a nice day with everybody I'm sure."

She said she was surprised to learn that they could be potential record breakers.

"I didn't think that was possible, because you hear so many people living into their hundreds now, and lots of people in their nineties, I thought 'well, we can't be the only ones'," she said.

Mr Kirby's son, Neil, who owns the Langham Hotel where the couple live, said they are "very much in love with each other".

He was present at the proposal and joked that his father did not go down on one knee because he could not get up again if he did.

Neil, 62, who is set to be best man at the wedding, said Ms Luckie is "like a mother" to him and said the pair are "very happy" living at his hotel.

He said they have "room service, maid service, whatever they want", adding that they have a "lovely room overlooking the sea".

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