Tuesday 21 November 2017

Bowl of porridge smashes record

The world's biggest bowl of porridge has been made.

Food giant Scott's Porage Oats was behind the world record-breaking 690 kilogram bowl of the traditional Scottish breakfast. This was more than four times the previous record of 171kg, which was set in Manchester last year.

The porridge, enough to feed 2000 people, was cooked in a giant bowl at the annual Highland Games in Cupar, in conjunction with a team from the local round table. Guinness world record adjudicator Craig Glenday confirmed it as a new best.

Hayley Stringfellow, marketing director of Scott's Porage Oats, said: "We are thrilled to have set a new Guinness World Record.

"Cupar is the home of Scott's Porage Oats, so it's only fitting that the record for the biggest bowl of porridge should be held here."

Cupar Round Table Chairman Craig Manson said: "Today, we have achieved our goal of breaking the record and put Cupar back on the map."

The attempt got under way at 5am on Sunday when about 80kg of Scott's Porage Oats, which are produced in the local Cupar factory, were poured into a specially made bowl measuring 1.5 metres in height and width. Local firefighters were on hand to add water from their fire engine, before the mixture was heated and left to cook for several hours.

A forklift truck was need to transport the giant bowl for weighing. Some of the porridge was tried by officials at the event, but most of it will go on to be used as animal feed.

Mr Glenday, Editor-In-Chief of Guinness World Records Book and official adjudicator, said: "Scott's Porage Oats and Cupar Round Table have broken the existing world record by over three times.

"The chances of this record being broken soon is unlikely - this should remain a Scottish record for a long time."

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