Sunday 17 December 2017

Bosses 'overlook scruffy workers'

Bosses like smartly dressed workers, a study found
Bosses like smartly dressed workers, a study found

Most bosses reject candidates at a job interview if they look scruffy and one in five have fired someone if they are not "appropriately" dressed, according to a study.

A survey of 3,000 managers and workers to assess the impact of so-called dress-down Fridays found some "dramatic" consequences, with almost half of bosses admitting they have overlooked someone for promotion or a pay rise because of the way they were dressed.

Wearing trainers in the office was named as the biggest no-no, followed by an un-ironed shirt, flip flops - or showing too much cleavage.

Four out of five of those questioned for entrepreneur Peter Jones said the way people dress at work can have an effect on their career.

Mr Jones said: "I know from all my years in business that if people look smarter, they feel the part and they achieve more - both in terms of productivity and career progression."

Southampton was named as the UK's scruffiest city, with two-thirds of people admitting they did not dress smartly enough at work, while Wolverhampton was named the smartest, with four out of five of those polled happy with how they dress for the office.

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