Thursday 22 February 2018

Boris Johnson welcomes Michael Gove back to the cabinet with a questionable pun

Punderful or not?

By Taylor Heyman

Theresa May has brought Michael Gove back to the cabinet to fill the role of Environment Secretary and Boris Johnson is doing his best to make him feel welcome.

Johnson, who’s bid for leadership of the Conservative party was famously deserted by Gove in favour of his own bid last year looked to attempt to bury the hatchet with a tweet featuring a pun on Gove’s name.

Johnson kept his position as Foreign Secretary in Sunday’s reshuffle, so the pair will be cabinet colleagues in May’s government.

On reading his tweet, some Twitter users took the opportunity to add their own puns to the mix.

Others weren’t particularly happy with the standard of pun.

Johnson did have some supporters though.

While we’re at meme-able moments, one reply sought to remind us of a moment we must never forget.

Perhaps now Gove and Johnson are both on the front benches, there will be more puns to come.

Press Association

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