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Blue-turn on tower's colour scheme


The Spinnaker Tower will now be painted blue and gold after a backlash over red

The Spinnaker Tower will now be painted blue and gold after a backlash over red

The Spinnaker Tower will now be painted blue and gold after a backlash over red

A new colour scheme has been revealed for a controversial branding of a viewing tower after the original proposals were for it to be painted in the colours of its city's rival football team.

Portsmouth City Council has agreed a £3.5 million sponsorship deal with Emirates airline for the 170m tall Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth Harbour.

But the designs first revealed would have seen the prominent tower painted in the red and white of Southampton FC - Portsmouth's long-running South Coast rival.

Following a petition that gained 9,000 signatures, the local authority and the airline have worked together on a rethink and have produced a new plan using gold and blue - the colour of Portsmouth FC - and keeping the "sails" of the tower white.

Councillor Donna Jones, Conservative leader of Portsmouth City Council, said: "We have listened to the public and created a new blue, gold and white design that is in keeping with suggestions from residents.

"This means we can move forward with the partnership with Emirates that will bring in £3.5m to support services for our residents, and gives us a unique opportunity to promote Portsmouth around the world.

"I want to thank everyone who took the time to send us their suggestions for the design. There were lots of calls for blue because of Portsmouth's association with the colour, something I understand having lived in the city all my life, and there was a lot of support for the inclusion of Emirates' gold in the design.

"We listened to those residents who told us they love the Spinnaker as it is, which is why the distinctive sail will remain white."

Sir Tim Clark, president of Emirates, said: "We take our responsibility as a sponsor very seriously. We listened to the feedback and worked with the council to adapt the designs in order to create something that Portsmouth residents will be proud of.

"This is an exciting time for the city. The eyes of the world will be tuning in to watch the forthcoming America's Cup World Series, an opportunity to showcase the very best of Portsmouth. We are looking forward to joining the residents in the celebrations."

Advertising consent is required and an application is currently in process with the council.

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