Saturday 16 December 2017

'Blingiest' cheese at £60 a slice

Stilton made with real gold is being sold at 60 pounds a slice
Stilton made with real gold is being sold at 60 pounds a slice

Try adding this to your after-dinner cheeseboard this Christmas - a Stilton made of real gold which costs £60 a slice.

A whopping £6 price tag for a single cracker-sized wedge may seem a bit decadent to some but celebrities are already queuing up to get their hands on some of the swanky Stilton.

Long Clawson Dairy in Leicestershire will make a limited edition run of it this Christmas and has already been contacted by a variety of interested parties including a Gulf-based oil sheikh and a famous pop star.

Made from premium white Stilton shot-through with a combination of real edible gold leaf and real gold liqueur, its creators say it is Britain's "blingiest" cheese, 67 times more pricey than regular Stilton, which comes in at around 90p for 100g.

At £60.87 per 100g slice, or £608 a kilo, Clawson Stilton Gold is the world's most expensive Stilton and the most expensive cheese of any kind made in the UK.

Janice Breedon, a spokeswoman for Long Clawson Dairy, said: "For confidentiality reasons I can't publicly identify the people who have inquired about our Clawson Stilton Gold but, suffice to say, they are all very well known.

"We wanted to create something special, a unique Stilton cheese, for the Christmas market - just a limited run to hopefully get more people interested in Stilton.

"We're frankly amazed that word has leaked out and we're being contacted by some very important and well-heeled people about the cheese.

"It does look amazing though. You can see the gold clearly in the slices and we've not been shy with how much gold we've put in the batch.

"It's Britain's blingiest cheese but, judging by the inquiries we've had, I'd say most of it will be leaving the country before Christmas."

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