Monday 16 December 2019

Bizarre finds in sewer network

A desert kingsnake was found at Dunfermline waste water treatment works
A desert kingsnake was found at Dunfermline waste water treatment works

A live snake, a badger and a cow were among the bizarre things found in Scotland's sewer network in the last year, water chiefs have revealed.

Scottish Water workers were also surprised to find a platoon of toy soldiers, a frog and a goldfish clogging the pipes.

The company has to spend £6 million a year clearing blockages in the system and urged people to think carefully about what they flush away.

Many items also enter the system by falling into drains or manholes, which are found in fields as well as on roads.

Waste water general manager Rob Mustard said: "When sewers, pumping stations and sewage works get clogged they overflow and sewage escapes into rivers. This endangers public health, wildlife and the environment."

A worker at the Dunfermline waste water treatment works was stunned to notice a Mexican desert king snake curled beneath a metal grid boardwalk he was strolling along.

He dashed off to call the Scottish SPCA, who collected the non-venomous constrictor snake and took it away.

A goldfish named Pooh, recovered in East Kilbride, and a frog found in a pump in Dornoch, in the Highlands, were none the worse for their time inside the sewer system.

A live badger found in a pumping station well at Drongan in Ayrshire also made a full recovery after it was rescued by the Scottish SPCA.

However, a sheep found in a manhole chamber and a cow recovered from a storm tank were not so lucky.

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