Saturday 21 April 2018

Bentleys, Ferraris and Lamborghinis among thousands of luxury cars seized

Lamborghinis were among the thousands of luxury cars seized
Lamborghinis were among the thousands of luxury cars seized

Bentleys, Ferraris and Lamborghinis are among more than 3,700 luxury cars seized by police in England and Wales so far this year, according to new research.

A total i n excess of 22,500 vehicles were confiscated by police forces by mid-July because their drivers were either not insured or did not have a valid licence, analysis by Churchill Car Insurance found.

Over £1.4 million has been raised by the sale of these vehicles at auction, with the highest resale price of a single car achieved by the Metropolitan Police at £22,100.

More than 6,500 of the cars have been crushed so far this year, with their scrap value generating almost £280,000.

The figures are based on responses to Freedom of Information requests submitted on June 16.

Churchill's head of car insurance Steve Barrett said: "Everyday, law-abiding motorists are paying out for their car insurance but the harsh truth is that they also have to pay for the million drivers on our roads who choose to drive without insurance.

"To know that a contingent of these uninsured motorists are driving around in luxury cars worth hundreds of thousands of pounds, believing that their bank balance elevates them above the law, is maddeningly unjust and selfish beyond measure.

"We need an urgent examination of the penalties for uninsured motoring, introducing sentences that are a real deterrent and that will keep these irresponsible motorists off the road.

"The penalties should be far higher and money generated from increased fines should be pumped back in to enabling the police to catch more uninsured drivers."

Analysis of Motor Insurers' Bureau data showed that London had the highest percentage of uninsured cars at 5.5%, followed by the North West (4.3%) and North East (3.5%).

Scotland and the South West were joint lowest at 1.4%.

:: Here are the luxury cars seized by police forces in England and Wales so far this year (number of cars in brackets):

1. BMW (2,117)

2. Audi (1,546)

3. Porsche (52)

4. Ferrari (11)

=5. Bentley (six)

=5. Lamborghini (six)

7. Maserati (four)

8. Rolls-Royce (two)

=9. TVR (one)

=9. Aston martin (one)

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