Tuesday 20 February 2018

Beatles clean up in shower rundown

Love Me Do by The Beatles is a 'water-efficient' song for the shower
Love Me Do by The Beatles is a 'water-efficient' song for the shower

Singing The Beatles in the shower can help save the planet, researchers claim.

Love Me Do has been named the perfect pop song for people trying to limit how long they should spend getting washed every day.

Environmentalists reckon if people each spent a minute less in the shower every day, it would save enough water to supply London for two to four months.

Thames Water has advised people to sing "short, water-efficient" songs lasting less than four minutes in order to meet sustainable living targets.

The 2.22-minute long Lennon and McCartney hit is number one on the firm's "four-minute shower challenge" tracklist.

Jayne Farrin, Thames Water's head of corporate communications, said: "The reason we're asking people to sing short, water-efficient songs of four minutes or less in the shower is to help them hit the four-minute shower challenge - part of our ongoing work to help people value water and use less.

"Each of us uses 160 litres of water a day on average, and when showering use 10 litres of water a minute.

"If we all cut our time in the shower by one minute a day, nationally we could save enough water to supply London for between two and four months.

"As well as helping lower water bills, using less water can also reduce energy bills, because all that water requires energy to heat up."

A national survey by the company, which is backing the Prince of Wales's Start Today sustainable living campaign, found that 35% of Britons were shower crooners.

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