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Arron Banks has announced 'Ukip 2.0' and nobody is taking him very seriously


Is this the name of his new party or a dodgy movie?

Ukip donor Arron Banks has claimed the party has suspended his membership, so it looks like he’s now going to focus on a new political movement.

Luckily, he already has an inkling of what he might call this new party.

Banks, who funded the Leave.EU campaign, has been involved in a public spat with Ukip’s only MP Douglas Carswell and has been critical of the party’s leader Paul Nuttall.

Banks said his membership had lapsed and when he tried to reapply he was told he was suspended until an appearance before the party’s ruling national executive committee.

But Ukip dismissed the idea he could have been suspended as he was no longer a member of the party.

On Twitter, Banks claimed the reason for the supposed suspension of his membership is because of controversial things he’s been saying about the leadership.

Banks said: “Apparently, my comments about the party being run like a squash club committee and Mr Carswell have not gone down well.

“I now realise I was being unfair to squash clubs all over the UK and I apologise to them. We will now be concentrating on our new movement.”

Ah yes – the new movement: Ukip 2.0. It sounds a bit like a movie, doesn’t it?

And not a very good one at that.

Air guitars at the ready for Ukip 2.0.

Not everyone’s sure it’s going to be a smash hit.

Others are coming up with some helpful alternatives for the new party’s name.

Popcorn at the ready, folks.

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