Saturday 21 September 2019

Are these the 15 best tweets of all time?

They’re certainly some of the funniest.

(Lauren Hurley/PA)
(Lauren Hurley/PA)

By Edd Dracott, Press Association

Every regular Twitter user has had that moment where they see a tweet and think “this is why I love Twitter”.

It’s just such social media classics that have been the subject of discussion this month, after user @Fred_Delicious asked their fellows to share their all-time favourite tweets.

Here are the most popular responses.

1. Fast food thesis

User @AlbertEinlime thought this offering from @xLiserx deserves a spot in the hall of fame.

2. Christians look away now

@DanMentos suggested this Christian joke, saying it “always makes me laugh”.

3. Compliments to the thread

@MattKimsey was met with a warm reception by suggesting one of @Fred_Delicious’ own tweets is an all time great – here it is.

4. The centipede pits

@JoelKrass said his favourite is this brilliant commentary on the flack the perceived millennial generation seem to get.

5. A modest company with modest goals

User @captainkalvis said the all time greatest “has to be this one.”

6. A father’s dying wish

@MarfSalvador suggested this tale of emergency is the finest the social media site has offered.

7. What happens at the dentist

Creator @LeBearGirdle said user @ErinLuhks was “tooth kind” for suggesting this tweet.

8. Simple but spectacular wordplay

“This tweet kept me awake at night it’s so simple yet brilliant,” said @KevinBuffalo.

9. Attack of the clones

@elliotcomedy likes this twin threat.

10. A ruinous exercise plan

@roxiqt likes their comedy on the dark side.

11. Count the arms

“I think about this tweet a lot,” said @leannuh_renay.

12. Stop hitting yourself

@AlbertEinlime really enjoyed this from @smithsara79.

13. The angel and the bell

“This tweet is literally the reason I joined Twitter,” said @looktothepickle.

14. Break-dancing falcon

Many agreed with @newLettuce’s suggestion of this tweet, which takes some thinking.

15. And finally, winding down

What better way to wind things up than with @dksc4life’s all-time favourite.

Big round of a applause for all these tweets.

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