Saturday 16 November 2019

Are sharks smooth or rough? Viral tweet sparks one of the most hilarious debates on the internet

By Edward Dracott

This is too entertaining for you not to read it.

Browsing Twitter is good for a few things – keeping informed, getting angry at politicians and, occasionally, a good chuckle.

It’s the first and last of these effects which we are interested in here, and it all started with a chuckle from comic strip illustrator Branson Reese.

Ha! It’s funny because it’s possibly true and slightly dark.

Needless to say this tweet about the discovery of sharks has gone viral, but it’s now sparked a bit of a debate – are sharks smooth?

Despite protests to the contrary, the illustrator wasn’t budging on his sharkskin assessment however.

Things ended up getting pretty heated when a scuba diving instructor got involved, claiming to have first hand knowledge on the serious matter.

We know. Take a moment to breathe.

This has got to be one of the greatest Twitter debates of modern times and it’s brought about wild claims from more than just the wacky illustrator.

One guy even claiming he had used a shark as sandpaper it was so rough…

The bloke also claimed he’d used the predator fish as a pumice stone – before foolishly inviting the illustrator to read a book.

Zinger from Branson. Props just took this game to a whole new level.

Some people weren’t too happy with the whole debate however…

But of course Branson had a reply to all of this.

In the end, we think Branson’s argument may have been undone though.

One Twitter use decided to start playing dirty – and used Google.

Okay so if we’re honest, the evidence is leaning towards sharkskin being rough. Party officially pooped – right?

Don’t be silly, it doesn’t look like Branson will ever give up.

He did, at least, acknowledge the ordeal hadn’t been all rosy however.

And hey, at least Branson isn’t alone in his smooth assessment either. In a clear sign of solidarity another illustrator had their say too…

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