Monday 20 January 2020

Apparently if you want to smuggle your dog into hospital, disguise it as a baby

Animals aren’t technically allowed in, but it sure is cute.

By Prudence Wade

Pets can be a great comfort when you’re sick, so many dog-lovers are disappointed their furry friend can’t visit them in hospital.

Shelby Hennick, 21, wasn’t having any of this when her grandma fell ill – after she had been in hospital for three days she devised a cunning plan to sneak her grandma’s dog Patsy in.

Shelby wrapped her tightly in a blanket and voila! It looked like she was carrying a baby into the hospital – something which is totally allowed.

“Nothing was planned, I just by chance had a blanket in my car, swaddled her up and just walked in,” Shelby, who lives in California, told “Luckily we’ve been in the hospital enough lately that they remembered who we were so we just walked by and waved to them.”

She even managed to fool her grandma, who thought the bundle was Shelby’s sister’s baby.

Shelby went to such lengths because she knew that it would be a great comfort to her grandmother, who had almost been left paralysed due to a reaction to her medications. “She got her dog, Patsy, when she was only a couple weeks old, she had to be bottle fed and fit in the palm of her hand,” Shelby said. “She’s had her for about 13 years now so it’s a pretty strong bond between the two!”

Shelby’s adventure on Twitter soon went viral, with over 534,000 likes and counting. Many others wish they could have done the same.

And so many people think it’s absolutely adorable, and such a great thing to do for your poorly grandmother.

Some people aren’t so sure about it, raising the point there’s a reason animals aren’t allowed in hospitals. However, Shelby (who is a veterinary technician) argues that service dogs are allowed in hospitals, so why not Patsy?

Others have taken to Twitter to share stories of them doing similar things.

For Shelby, it was all worth it. “I was really happy we were able to pull it off, and I’m sure it made her day,” she said.

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