Wednesday 18 September 2019

An MP received a ‘Brexit Christmas’ card and it was far from festive

A new holiday to celebrate?


By Taylor Heyman

An MP has shared an unpleasant Christmas card he received on Twitter.

Conservative MP for East Renfrewshire, Paul Masterton, received some post from a member of the public letting him know exactly how they felt about him.

Instead of using plain old paper, the author chose to use a Christmas card, crossing out the word “happy” and writing Brexit.

They also included the percentage of votes cast to leave the EU, telling the MP to: “Pack your suitcase and leave the UK, and don’t return ever.”

The author also calls Masterton a “traitor” and “Judas” in the card, written in all capitals.

Masterton was one of 15 MPs branded “Brexit mutineers” by the Daily Telegraph earlier in November after they expressed their opposition to the Government’s plans to include the exact date and time of Brexit in the EU Withdrawal Bill.

In a letter to local party members, Masterton explained his opposition, writing: “Brexit is happening and I have absolutely no interest in blocking or delaying it. We only get one opportunity, one chance, to do this – I just want us to get it right.”

Evidently someone didn’t get the message, but if Masterton’s reaction is anything to go by, he’s not too worried about the card.

“I feel bad for the trees who died in vain to make this card,” Masterton wrote.

Season’s greetings!

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