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An Islamic centre has shared a horrific note it received from a Trump supporter


The letter sparked an outpouring of support for the centre and Muslims.

The Islamic Centre of Des Moines has received a note calling Muslims “vile” and claiming they “worship the devil”.

The letter addressed to “the Children of Satan” was found on Sunday morning, shortly before more than 100 children arrived for Sunday school.

The author of the letter then goes on to express their support for President Trump, writing: “He’s going to cleanse America and make it shine again.”

A spokesman for the centre, Esam Boraey, said: “The first thing we did was call the police and the FBI.

“They came (on Monday), visited the mosque and asked us some questions. They took the letter and put a police car in front of the mosque.”

Esam shared a photo of the note on Facebook, alongside a message of hope.

Esam Boraey

Disclaimer, the image attached is disturbing. The Muslim community here in Iowa and around the country have received so much support and love in the last few months. This made us believe in…

Since sharing the letter, Esam says the response from the community has been strong.

“The amount of support, calls, messages and people who showed up at the mosque is impressive,” he said. “Churches and other organisations called me to come and speak with them. It is amazing.”

Despite the disturbing nature of the letter, Esam has a message for its unknown author. “I would tell him if you love America you will never think that Hitler is a good role model.

“I would tell him we love America because America is our home. We were born and raised in here. We will keep working to make America great again by love not hate, by bridges not walls, by open doors, not kicking people in need out.

“That’s what makes America great again.”

The Iowa chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations is seeking a hate crime investigation. It said similar messages have been sent to other mosques in Iowa and elsewhere.

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