Wednesday 18 September 2019

All you need to know about the ‘is this a pigeon’ meme taking over the internet

It’s based on an anime series and turning up everywhere right now.

Butterfly and pigeon
Butterfly and pigeon

By Emily Chudy, Press Association

Another week on the internet, another glorious meme to keep everyone entertained.

The most popular meme of the moment has been circulating for years, but has just exploded into popularity after re-surfacing.

The “is this a pigeon” meme comes from the Japanese anime series The Brave Fighter Of Sun Fighbird (1991-1992), and shows a character pointing to a butterfly and asking “is this a pigeon?”

Social media users have been posting their own versions of the screenshot to express moments of utter confusion, with hilarious results.

Here are nine of the best, to give you a little taste of the best meme of the moment.

1. You’ll have this version stuck in your head for hours.

2. Some of the memes have been calling people out in a big way.

3. The confusion that make-up brings.

4. This over-reaction we all have to pain.

5. This version is too real for writers.

6. Some versions just get a little silly.

7. Even Netflix joined in with the fun.

8. Some versions get real.

9. Lastly, a mistake that many make at some point…

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