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Thursday 22 March 2018

All the most hilarious photoshops of Emmanuel Macron’s official picture

It really is ripe for parody.

(Dan Kitwood/PA)
(Dan Kitwood/PA)

By Prudence Wade

When you’re a serious politician, you need to have a serious official photograph to match your serious persona.

That’s exactly what newly elected French president Emmanuel Macron has got, and he was kind enough to post it on Twitter for everyone to revel in his seriousness. It’s serious, yes, but a hint of a smile reminds you that he’s an approachable kind of guy.

Normally, a politician’s official portrait wouldn’t garner that much attention, but this one has really caused a stir.

People just can’t get over how much of a cardboard cutout Macron looks – it’s like he’s been superimposed on to that fake-looking background.

When the internet got an eyeful of Macron, they realised that he was prime for one thing and one thing only: PhotoShop.

Some people took iconic films as their inspiration.

Others looked to popular culture.

Some used sport as their jumping off point.

And then things frankly got a bit weird.

Yep, this definitely seems like a good use of everyone’s time.

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