Friday 22 November 2019

Aldi is bringing out a cheap hot tub for summer and people are here for it

By Jessica Pitocchi

*Immediately plans garden party*

If you’re anything like us, just the slightest bit of warm weather is enough to get us day dreaming of proper summer get-togethers and relaxing garden parties.

But Aldi just took our dreams to the next level with the announcement that it is going to be selling a hot tub as one of its Specialbuys.

Unveiling the Summer Entertaining Outdoor Living range, the standout item among the typical patio heaters and BBQs was without a doubt the Spa Pool, which features “120 jets and a powerful heater for ultimate comfort”.

The best bit? It costs £399.99 – so yes, that’s quite a lot more than you’d normally spend on something from Aldi but it’s a fraction of the typical price of hot tubs which can be well into the thousands.

It seats four people, so you could even split the cost with some pals and make it like 100 quid each?

Whatever justification you need, just picture how accomplished you’ll feel sipping some champers (or prosecco, let’s be real) in the great outdoors of your own back garden. (Here’s praying for at least one warm day in July.)

People are very excited, if not a little confused, at that prospect:

Aldi's middle aisle has just upped the ante. No more tyre cleaner for me, hot tub it is!

— Aoife Bannon (@aoifeban) March 30, 2017

"Just popping down to Aldi for a pint of milk, some bog roll and a hot tub, hun".

— Matt Lissack (@matt_lissack) March 30, 2017

But you’ll have to be quick – the hot tub will be available online from April 6 and in store from April 9 – but once it’s sold out, it won’t be coming back in stock.

*Sets 10 reminders on phone*

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