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Airport offers 'Mancunian Mandarin'


Manchester Airport

Manchester Airport

Manchester Airport

Chinese visitors flying into the UK could soon be hearing a version of Mancunian Mandarin.

Manchester Airport is offering free Mandarin lessons to unemployed local people to help them get jobs at the airport following the influx of Chinese visitors since the start of new Hong Kong flights.

To help ensure the Chinese get a proper northern welcome, some of the phrases that will be taught include the Mandarin equivalent of Mancunian sayings such as: "Mad for it"; "You all right, our kid?"; "That's well mint that" (that's really good); and "Do you fancy getting some scran (food)?"

The course's tutor Zhiliang Logan said: "This is something a little different, so we hope it will help people to stand out from the crowd and become that little bit more attractive to potential employers.

"China is my homeland and Mandarin is my native language, but being married to an Englishman and having lived in the North for many years, I hope to bring a unique approach which combines both cultures."

The inaugural course will run from January 12 and anyone over the age of 19 can apply for a place through their local job centre, providing they live in the region and are unemployed.

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