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Adorable polar bear cub opens its eyes for the first time at Tierpark Berlin

The little polar bear was born on December 1.


(Tierpark Berlin)

(Tierpark Berlin)

(Tierpark Berlin)

Keepers at Tierpark Zoo in Berlin have captured an adorable video of a baby polar bear as it opened its eyes for the very first time.

The cub, born on December 1, was filmed using infrared cameras snuggling up to mum Tonja, looking around, and exploring its litter room.

Posting the video to YouTube, the zoo said: “Which two small, black button eyes suddenly look at Mama Tonja?”

The video has attracted more than 1,800 views on YouTube.

The zoo said: “A good five weeks after birth, the little polar bear has opened his eyes for the first time. While he was previously only able to explore his surroundings groping and cuddling, the little bear can now see and hear something.”

Polar bear cubs are born without sight or hearing, with young cubs expected to open their eyes around 30 days after birth.

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