Tuesday 20 February 2018

Actress plans 80th birthday skydive

Actress Shirley Jones wants to mark her 80th birthday with a high-flying adventure. (AP)
Actress Shirley Jones wants to mark her 80th birthday with a high-flying adventure. (AP)

Inspired by a former president, Oscar winner Shirley Jones can not wait to jump into her birthday plans.

The actress and singer said she will take her very first skydive on Monday - her 80th birthday.

"That's something I wanted to do all my life," she said. The inspiration to try comes from former president George Bush's jumps on several birthdays, including when he turned 85 in 2009.

"When I saw him do it I thought, 'Wow, if he can do this, I can'," she said.

Jones, who starred in TV's The Partridge Family in the 1970s, gained fame with the 1950s film versions of the Broadway musicals Oklahoma! and Carousel. She won an Oscar for the 1960 drama Elmer Gantry.

She will be jumping in tandem with an instructor in Perris, a popular southern California skydiving spot, according to her husband, comedian Marty Ingels.

He was taken aback when she suggested it but has since come around, Jones said. Her children, not so much.

She quoted her oldest son, Shaun Cassidy, as saying, "Mom, what's the matter with you? Why would you want to do this at your age?".

She said she understands her sons' concerns, especially since she has arthritis, and she realises that "anything like this can be dangerous".

But she's not deterred. It was either skydiving or the other top item on her to-do list, an African safari to satisfy the animal lover in her, Jones said.

Family members, including 12 grandchildren, are planning a big party on Sunday, Jones said.

She's looking forward to the party but not what's being celebrated.

"I'm not very happy about" turning 80, she said. "The number scares me to death. I don't even like to say it."

Is skydiving a way to prove there's still more living to do?

"Yes, maybe," she said.

And for this actress, at least, it's apparently less worrisome than turning 80.

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