Saturday 21 April 2018

A Swedish brewery has named a beer in honour of the Millwall fan who stood up against the London Bridge attackers

“F*** you, I’m Millwall!”.

By Kameron Virk

Numerous stories of bravery emerged after the London Bridge attacks earlier this month, and one has been immortalised in the form of a beer.

Roy Larner, who reportedly shouted “F*** you, I’m Millwall” as he stood and faced three attackers, has had a beer named after that unforgettable phrase by Swedish brewery Frequency Beer Works.


Larner had surgery on his diaphragm and a collapsed lung, and John Tsihlis, one of the brewery’s co-founders, said they made the 5% bitter full bodied and strong, “just like Roy!”.

The beer came about when the brewery’s owners – the lead singer of the band InFlames, a couple, and two entrepreneurs – got together to discuss what they should call their new bitter.

The London Bridge attacks, in which eight people were killed, came up in conversation – and so did Roy, who the brewers had been told about by a Millwall fan.


John said: “Without delay the beer was born. Of course we would dedicate this beer to a most unlikely but most real hero. We thought it would be important if something good was born from something terrible. That’s our tribute to Roy. We were very touched.”

The bitter, a “great version of a British classic”, has been selling well, according to John – so much so that they’re hoping to get some pallets sent to the UK.

And while most of the 2,500 litres so far produced is all in a keg, they’re hoping to get another batch brewed to bottle – great news for the Millwall fans out there.

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