Saturday 24 March 2018

A supporter just nailed the unique misery of being a Sunderland fan in an epic Twitter thread

By Alistair Mason

Anyone remember Stefan Schwarz being banned from going into space?

It’s quite a long time since being a Sunderland fan was any fun.

And after the Black Cats’ relegation to the Championship was confirmed over the weekend, one supporter set out to prove just how unusual life at the Stadium of Light has been over the years.

Twitter user @hmclandress promised he would tweet out one “ridiculous thing from Sunderland AFC’s recent history” for every like he received.

And as the likes started to rack up, he had no shortage of material to choose from, starting with a classic sacking from the 90s.

And the epic thread that followed included moments from the mundane to the ridiculous – all of which the club would probably rather forget.

But surely the jewel in the crown is this one.

Sunderland will be replaced in the Premier League next season by local rivals Newcastle, who themselves have had their fair share of unconventional mishaps.

And one Newcastle fan was inspired by the Sunderland fan to make one of his own.

He’s made a pretty good start…

So Leeds, Blackburn, Nottingham Forest fans… over to you.

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