Friday 20 September 2019

A student uncovered a secret act of kindness from nearly a decade ago

Jacques Ruffin from Florida discovered the owner of a music store forgave a debt to allow him to keep playing the trumpet.

The letter now has over 183,000 upvotes on Reddit (Niall Carson/PA)
The letter now has over 183,000 upvotes on Reddit (Niall Carson/PA)

By Max McLean and Emily Chudy, Press Association

A nearly decade-old act of kindness is going viral after it was uncovered by a student.

Jacques Ruffin from Orlando, Florida discovered a letter from 2009 from the owner of a music shop, forgiving the debt on a trumpet his mother was buying so he could continue to play.

The letter, sent by the president of Allegro Music Centre, said: “I have decided to forgive the rent on Jacques’ trumpet… I have been through bad times like you. But remember tough times never last, tough people do.”

Found an old letter sent to my Mother who was struggling to make payments on my trumpet. from pics

Ruffin, a 21-year-old student, said: “I stumbled upon the letter while cleaning the hallway closet.

“The letter was addressed to my mother and the owner of the establishment kindly forgave my mother for the debt that she owed them.

“I was in middle school when my mother rented out the trumpet for me. I’ve been playing the trumpet since I was in the sixth grade. I instantly fell in love with it!”

Ruffin said: “I had no knowledge of this letter until I found it in the hallway closet three days ago. The letter touched my heart.

“Reading the letter brought me to near tears and I wondered how life would’ve turned out if it wasn’t for the kindness of James W. Jones. His act of kindness enabled me to participate in band throughout middle and high school.”

The letter now has over 183,000 upvotes on Reddit, with the kind act touching many.

Allegro Music Centre said: “We have been overwhelmed with the positive response, it has been so encouraging and uplifting.

“One thing that we have always wanted to do is have a rental scholarship fund, where we could help more students access music education by either providing a free months rent or a full school year rental based on need.

“This is something we will be setting up in the coming days.”

Ruffin has created a fundraising page for Instruments For Students In Need.

Money raised will be donated to local music and arts programmes.

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