Sunday 19 November 2017

A rhyming A-Z of adorable animals to help you celebrate National Pet Day

By Edward Dracott

If you like puppies, kittens and amateur poetry – click on this article.

It’s National Pet Day – and if that isn’t an excuse for a gallery featuring puppies, kittens and bunnies then what is?

In a wild attempt to give this article premise, though, we’ve made it into an A-Z – sit back, relax and enjoy the pets.

A is for All the dogs in this cinema-going crew.

B is for Bunnies with a nice carrot to chew.

C is for Cats of course, the furry feline friend.

D is for Different dogs, lined up end-to-end.

E is for Eyes – these ones are brilliant blue.

F is for Friends – because it’s better with two.

G is for Gnawing, on anything at all.

H is for Handful, this hamster’s really small.

I is for Impostor – it’s a balloon, are you blind?

J is for a Job distraction, the very best kind.

K is for Kicking ass Wonder Woman-style.

L is for Larry, who’s lived in Downing Street a while.

M is for Mothering with babies on your back.

N is for Nuzzling, this kitten’s got the knack.

O is for Oh my word that ferret is drinking from a wine bottle – we promise this photo is real.

P is for Paws – so cute that you’re tempted to steal.

Q is for Queen Liz – a corgi for her sake.

R is for Reptiles, in case you like a snake.

S is for Spot the hidden guinea pig if you can.

T is for Tongue, stuck out by this little man.

U is for Upside down – if it’s a goldfish, it’s not a good sign.

V is for Very small, at least this dog looks like it’s fine.

W is for Wings, because birds are great pets too.

X is for kisses – there’s some slobber here for you.

Y is for Yawning when it’s nearly sleepy time.

Z is for Zzz, we’re almost too tired to rhyme…

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