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A pink seagull is being spotted around Barnstaple

The bird may have been spray-painted and the police and RSPCA have both been made aware of its plight.


The pink seagull spotted in Barnstaple (MarkUK97/Getty Images Luke Savage/PA)

The pink seagull spotted in Barnstaple (MarkUK97/Getty Images Luke Savage/PA)

The pink seagull spotted in Barnstaple (MarkUK97/Getty Images Luke Savage/PA)

A bird appears to have been spray-painted pink, according to pictures and videos circulating on social media.

People have spotted the bright pink bird in Barnstaple, and the RSPCA and Devon and Cornwall Police are investigating what has happened.

Luke Savage filmed the bird in Boutport Street in the north Devon town.

“There were two seagulls that had what looked like pink paint on them,” he told the Press Association.

“One covered all over. Another had paint under its wings, which was only visible when it opened its wings.

“They didn’t seem in any distress. People leaving a takeaway were throwing food to the pink seagull.”

Devon and Cornwall Police received reports “that a seagull was sprayed pink” on August 3.

“The RSPCA attended to assist with the bird. Suspects were not located,” the force said in a statement.

An RSPCA spokesman said: “We are concerned to hear reports of gulls in Barnstaple being spray-painted and would urge anyone with further information about these gulls to ring the RSPCA on 0300 123 4999.

“Sadly gulls do have a tough time of it at this time of year. We would urge people to be tolerant of the wildlife living around them and also to remember that gulls are protected under law.”

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It is an offence to injure or kill a wild bird under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.

The latest sighting is not the first time the RSPCA has been called to an incident of a pink bird in Barnstaple.

Similar calls were received a couple of months ago, although it is not known if it was the same bird.

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