Wednesday 18 September 2019

A Marvel rookie tried to guess the names of the Avengers and they’re amazing

We’re all here for a new franchise starring Magician, She Hulk and Snail Girl.

The Avengers cast
The Avengers cast

By Alistair Mason, Press Association

Whether you loved or hated Avengers: Infinity War, one thing everyone can agree on is that there are a whole lot of characters to keep track of.

That’s hard enough to do if you’re a hardcore fan, but if the extent of your exposure to the Marvel Cinematic Universe is just two films, you don’t stand a chance.

Twitter user Gabrielle Regan-Waters took advantage of this by asking her wife Brenda, who has but a couple of Marvel movies in her viewing history, to name all the characters from the new Avengers film.

And the results are pretty spectacular.

Brenda was fine with some of the biggies – Iron Man, Captain America and Hulk – but it went pretty steeply downhill from there.

Thor, played by Chris Hemsworth, was only Chris, Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow was wrongly identified as X-Men’s Rogue and Black Panther became “Chad something”.

It was even worse for Doctor Strange (Magician), Loki (Dark Magician) and Vision (Purple Alien).

The Guardians of the Galaxy came out as Republican Chris, She Hulk, ???, Troot and “Is this a character? It’s a raccoon”.

But spare a thought for Benedict Wong – his character, also called Wong, was identified simply as “just a regular guy who gets caught in the crossfire”.

The project was a big hit on Twitter.

And as one Twitter user pointed out, she wasn’t far off with a lot off her guesses.

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