Wednesday 24 April 2019

A group of students has made an entire concept album about their teacher

Clinton Baun is one lucky teacher.

Clinton Baun was initially ‘shocked’ by the presentation of the gift (The Clinton Authority/PA)
Clinton Baun was initially ‘shocked’ by the presentation of the gift (The Clinton Authority/PA)

By Taylor Heyman, Press Association

A group of US students has surprised their English teacher with an album based entirely around him.

Ten students at Williamsport High School in Maryland presented the self-titled album, named The Clinton Authority, to teacher Clinton Baun on Tuesday and videoed the handover.

Jake Foster, 17, one of the students behind the album, told the Press Association: “Me and my friends have all met at my house for years to hang out. One day I’m making music and we start making lyrics about the teacher as a joke.”

Producing the one song amused the friends so much that the endeavour snowballed into creating an entire album, which took six months to complete.

Once it was ready, the students created a lyric booklet and made it into a vinyl, which they then presented.

The team didn’t want the rest of the world to miss out on the chance to hear the album, so they’ve put it on YouTube and Spotify.

So why dedicate an entire album of music to your teacher?

“He’s just a great guy,” says Jake.

“He’s a teacher that’s very creative and musical… We can talk to him like he was one of us.”

Jake’s favourite tracks on the album are Bon and Strange, which include lyrics such as:

Red Baun, Redbone, Let it Gambi-known, Bonfire, song choir, Michael Jackson's hope, To bond with bonobo, Nah bro' that's Bubbles

“There were so many days laughing in my room coming up with lyrics,” says Jake.

Although Clinton was initially “shocked” by the presentation of such an elaborate gift, according to Jake he is now pretty proud.

“He talks about it to all his classes and laughs about it.”

Sounds like these talented students and their dedicated teacher are a perfect match.

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