Saturday 16 November 2019

A goat is probably one of the more surprising vandals to break into your office

This doesn’t make it any less destructive.


By Prudence Wade

A vandal smashing in the doors of your office sounds like a pretty scary situation, but admittedly things feel far less sinister when you find out the unruly bandit is a goat.

When employees of this Colorado firm found the glass front of their office smashed to pieces, CCTV revealed the truth: it was not a human breaking in, but instead a rather frisky goat.

CCTV footage from the polyurethane product manufacturing firm Argonics shows the full story. The goat approached the office, smashed the first window, and then liked this taste of destruction so much that it then came back for more.

Goats normally seem pretty cute and harmless, but judging from the horns and headbutting technique from this one you wouldn’t want to get on its bad side.

Very much not your average day at the office – hopefully now Argonics is looking into a more goat-proof facade.

Argonics engineer Greg Cappaert told the Press Association they had never heard of such an incident in the local area, and said he and his colleagues were relieved to find out it wasn’t a human behind the attack.

(Andrew Matthews/EMPICS Sport)

“We’ve never experienced anything like that, ever – we didn’t even know there were goats around.

“We were relieved to find out that it wasn’t a person, because every sign pointed to vandalism.

“At first, we were shocked, then relieved and now we’ve been laughing about it for a long time – it became a big office joke.”

The goat managed to travel half a mile to reach the building, after starting its journey from a local Catholic church.

Ironically, its job was to guard the church grounds where it resides with other goats, to protect an abandoned house on the land and deter trespassers.

Luckily, the owner of the goat has offered to replace the glass.

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