Friday 20 September 2019

A former Simpsons writer joked that the show even predicted the rogue Winter Olympics squirrel

Simpsons predictions have become a bit of a thing recently.

A squirrel (Richard Sellers/Empics Sport)
A squirrel (Richard Sellers/Empics Sport)

By Max McLean, Press Association

The Simpsons has a list of predictions to rival Nostradamus, but this Winter Olympics incident is one they’ll struggle to seriously claim they foresaw decades in advance.

The long-running US cartoon’s most famous “prediction” was probably Donald Trump’s rise to the US presidency, as well as smaller ones such as robotic librarians and the building of the Shard in London.

So what have they been predicting this time? Well, nothing really, although former writer and producer on the show Josh Weinstein had a little fun when he noticed the following at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.

The incident involved a lucky squirrel, which narrowly avoided a clattering during the snowboarding giant slalom event.

Presumably with his tongue firmly in his cheek, Weinstein claimed the moment as another chapter in the Simpsons’ long history of predicting.

The episode referred to in Weinstein’s tweet – Mountain of Madness – was aired in 1997 and sees Homer and Mr Burns trapped inside a cabin on a mountain, until an accident propels the cabin to safety, knocking a squirrel out of the way in the process.

Weinstein’s joke prompted a couple of sharp references to the show.

As well as this classic Lenny quote, who, upon seeing the cabin rocketing towards him, yells:

It’s fair to say “rocket house” is a way off becoming a Winter Olympics event.

But if it ever does make an appearance, you’ll know who predicted it first.

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